PR Newswire, January 07, 2019

SAN DIEGO /PRNewswire/ — BioFluidica, a privately held cancer diagnostics company, has been awarded two separate SBIR Phase I NIH grants, the first in support of “Parallel and high throughput isolation of cancer cell derived extracellular vesicles,” and the second in support of “Parallel and high throughput isolation of cfDNA to target detection of rare, highly conserved nucleotide polymorphisms.”

“We are excited to expand our technology to be able to capture not only circulating cancer cells from solid tumor and blood cancers but also now to begin to isolate cfDNA and exosomes, as well,” said Rolf Muller, BioFluidica’s CEO. “We can now employ all important biomarkers on one single liquid biopsy platform, our programmable microfluidic chips. This will have very positive outcomes for personalized medicine in the cancer diagnostics space as we commercialize further, as well as for researchers and patients.”

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