Microfluidic Chips

BioFluidica LiquidScan Microfluidic Chip are a one-time-use test-specific microfluidic device.
From 1 to 8 chips can be processed simultaneously on the LiquidScan system controlled to run autonomously by LiquidScan software. Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), for example, have a low abundance in blood, fetal cells, even less, against a high background of blood cells, RBCs 109 per ml; WBCs 107 per ml. Using antibody-surfaced nano-channels, the microfluidic chip allows for the capture, isolation and enrichment of CTCs, fetal cells or exosomes. Cells and exosomes are released from capture by cleavage of the tether (cleavable linker) making the isolated material fully compatible with downstream molecular and immunochemical analysis.


LiquidScan Microfluidic chips can be surfaced with any antigen or antibody that has complementary to a biomarker of interest in a biological liquid. LiquidScan is used as the instrument of choice as a prelude to CTC analysis, fetal cell analysis, liquid biopsy analysis. The microfluidic chip makes LiquidScan very flexible and the automation of chip processing makes the LiquidScan, robust, accurate and reproducible.