Company Overview


BioFluidica is a privately held biotechnology and liquid biopsy company. We have developed a revolutionary liquid biopsy platform allowing for the isolation and analysis of all liquid biopsy biomarkers, including rare cells, EVs (exosomes), and cfDNA, on one fully automated platform. The Biofluidica platform has been clinically tested on nine different cancer and prenatal patient samples and is currently used for a large variety of research applications to advance the field of liquid biopsy. The ultralow sensitivity expands the capability of current liquid biopsy applications. We are expert consultants in exosome isolation, fetal cell isolation, CTC isolation, and next-generation liquid biopsy. We develop and launch innovative scientific instruments, reagents, and software systems designed to provide exceptional value for scientists, clinicians, and patients.  


LiquidScan Processing Module holds up to eight BioFluidica Microfluidic Chips and has been designed to provide a walk-away automated system for the enrichment of rare cells and exosomes from liquid biopsy samples, including whole blood, plasma, urine, and saliva. LiquidScan increases the relative population of rare cells and specific subtypes of exosomes above the Limit-of-Detection for most molecular analysis methods, including NGS, RNA-Seq, Agena, ddPCR, and qPCR.

The LiquidScan system is offered for sale for installation in your facility, or, BioFluidica offers Services, where we do the work in our Core Labs on a fee-for-service basis. We can perform complete studies or run Pilot Projects. We will discuss the project with you and develop a statement of work with pricing.

The technology is flexible and accommodates various processing protocols. Services include surfacing the channels of microfluidic chips with antibodies sourced by you or we can source for you.

Services include the following and can be extended to isolate most biomarkers or infectious agents of interest:


BioFluidica equipped the liquid biopsy core facility at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) with LiquidScan systems to serve their clinical research needs. The LiquidScan systems have been continuously operating for over two years, testing applications and evolving user protocols. This extensive experience enables BioFluidica to offer similar Services from their San Diego Core facility.

Liquid Biopsy Core Facility