Teasing Out Circulating Tumor DNA

BioFluidica and our technology are highlighted as a "Feature Article" in the February 01, 2018, Vol. 38, No. 3, issue of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

Cancer metastasis causes 90% of all cancer-related deaths. Scientists agree that the metastases occur when cancer cells are shed from the primary tumor, carried by the peripheral blood, and deposited at a distal site to create a new colony. An ability to detect circulating tumor cells, CTCs, or cell-free cancer DNA, cfDNA, in blood or saliva opens possibilities to suspect cancer even before it is visible on radiological images.

BioFluidica is dedicated to commercialization of the microfluidic chips for liquid biopsy biomarkers on the oncology-related aspects of liquid biopsies. "Our goal is to develop a universal technology capable of isolating all three oncological markers: cell-free DNA, exosomes, and CTCs," says Dr. Soper with the University of Kansas, and the inventor of our technology. "But more importantly, the isolated material has to be fully compatible with downstream genetic analysis, which requires high purity isolates."



We are a privately held biotechnology company that has developed a diagnostic platform allowing for disease management and diagnosis through prognosis, all from a simple blood test. The Biofluidica diagnostic platform is able to precisely capture and isolate disease biomarkers, such as Circulating Tumor Cells, CTC's, and has been clinically validated. Our ability to scan blood for the first signs of a disease, finding the rarest biomarkers with unmatched sensitivity, means fulfilling the promise of a true liquid biopsy. We are revolutionizing disease diagnostics by bringing better diagnostics to millions of people.

Liquid Biopsy

Biomarkers identified in tissue are ideally suited as disease indicators and can be used in diagnostics. However, tissue, in some cases, can be extremely difficult to acquire from the patient and may not be representative of the heterogeneity of the disease of interest. Liquid biopsies can supply a vast array of different types of biomarkers, thereby circumventing the need for tissue. One type of biomarker is a Circulating Tumor Cell, CTC. In a sample with six million white blood cells and five billion red blood cells, only one viable CTC may be present. BioFluidica's diagnostic test can find this one CTC with unmatched accuracy.